SyDES 3 Alpha 2


  • Added context menu for modules - toolbar now not useles thing
  • Added routes definition for modules
  • Added event listeners for modules
  • Added possibility work with themes
  • Added support of iblocks provided by theme
  • Added new module SampleName for test purposes (will be moved to separate repository later)
  • Added logger class instead of function
  • Added Form Method Spoofing for Request


  • Fixed web-installer
  • Improved Event manager
  • Improved Router
  • Improved view system
  • Fixed ajax-router
  • Remaned favicon.png to favicon.ico special for insight

Github repository

Dowload version for web installation

Install with composer

composer create-project --prefer-dist -sdev sydes/sydes
php sydes install --demo

Feel free to ask questions, look on code, submit issues

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