SyDES 3 Alpha 3


  • Added placeholders for box modules
  • Js function syd.modal() for making of modals by array of data
  • Added possibility of load content for modals by link
  • L10n library replaced simple translator
  • Added infrastructure api for future managers (themes, plugins, modules, tranlations)
  • Added functions p() for pluralisation and d() for localized date, like "1 Января"
  • Added "nowrap" parameter for iblock tokens, that deletes div-wrapper. Now iblocks may use in <head>
  • ДAdded method Request::cookie()
  • Added admin menu translation


  • Fixed event manager, event names standardized
  • Fixed toolbar view on admin and forever miss cache
  • For more clarity, method Document::addScript() extruded from Document::addJs()
  • For more clarity, method Document::addStyle() extruded from Document::addCss()
  • Fixed view of base exception handler


  • Js function syd.cookie() because js-cookie exists


To save weight, now cms will not be supplied with all the languages and translations. But during installation, you can specify your locale and sydes load it to the current system.

After official release I will make extension catalog and translation service.

Repo on Github

Download web-installer

Install with composer

composer create-project --prefer-dist -sdev sydes/sydes
php sydes install --demo
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