SyDES 3 Beta 1


  • Added Cmf::downloadLocale and Cmf::downloadTranslation for using in modules
  • Added assets folder for themes
  • Added confirmation for every deletion action
  • Added methods "write to console" and "eval external script" to ajax router
  • Added csrf-tokens to all ajax requests
  • Added context data to translation, now use "Hello, {nаme}" instead "Hello, %s" and sprintf()
  • Added execution of sub-commands in CLI


  • Object Config renamed to Settings and reworked for using any storages, like database or file
  • Refactored basic assets
  • Totally revamped cli for using with plugins
  • Reworked module installer, added more automatic actions
  • Fixed bug with duplicated ajax alerts
  • Fixed SplPriorityQueue::insert(). Now provides predictable heap order for datums added with the same priority
  • Changed method for adding routes for new fastRoute features
  • Fixed ajax responses for redirect and messages
  • Improved api admin menu, added drop-down subitems

Repo on Github

Download web-installer

Install with composer

composer create-project --prefer-dist -sdev sydes/sydes
php sydes install --demo
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