SyDES 3 Beta 2


  • Added modules Profile, App Settings, Sites, Modules, Themes, Fields API
  • Added manifests for modules
  • Added HTML generator
  • Added fields generator
  • Added form generator
  • Added method file($name) to Request
  • Added support for child themes
  • Added psr-11 and autowiring to container
  • Added route shortcut for module settings and CRUD
  • Added services Auth and Mailer
  • Added application config with directory and files
  • Added password resetter


  • Removed services Cmf and User
  • Removed SampleModule
  • Removed developer passsword as unnecessary
  • Removed sidebars and form from admin view


  • Changed models namespace
  • Changed main namespace from App to Sydes
  • Fixed module installer
  • Fixed AdminMenu api
  • Fixed admin renderer and view
  • Fixed Exception handler

Repo on Github

Download web-installer

Install with composer

composer create-project --prefer-dist -sdev sydes/sydes
php sydes install --demo

Install sample module

composer require sydes/sample-name-module
php sydes install module sample-name
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