v2.1.0: First release in branch 2.x

Completely redesigned system, has changed the file structure and database. As with all releases of the first branch, compatibility with older has not, but thanks to the import tool, there is a chance to transfer data to the new site.

Starting with this release, there will be more stability, and to the emergence of the third branch is planned to maintain compatibility for modules and database.

What interesting things have been created?

Though earlier Admin was modular, the same can not be said of the front. It is, in fact, there was only action for a module pages. Anything that does not yavlyalost page could display only as a helper, who was almost hardcoding, and then with the aid of plain links. Now, an idea borrowed from the call controller Openkarta and zapihnuv samopisny dynamic router, which has proved in other projects to create something happened REST-like. And now each module site can give information on the links of the form /module/action/value ;or module/sub-module/action (more about router).

Once at the front, and the modules were then folder of files moved from admin to the overall system folder. There settled and all files that can be changed in the process of improvement. That is now in the updates will be enough to replace the folder / system. It is planned to create a module updates.

Instead of scattered pile of files with classes and functions library was created with the commonly used classes. Access to them is organized through the autoloader, and with the support of neymspeysov, for connoisseurs, and the ability to override those classes. Keep all in folders /system/library and /vendor (a la Symphony).

In the admin was added constructors and tools, so as not to interfere with everything in a pile with the usual content modules.

Templates have convenient layout editor with syntax highlighting and now a single window for the code before and after the content. And the content is inserted by token {сontent}

All settings are stored in files that have changed the format of the serialized to a readable. Just edited and connected as a regular php file.

Updated to the latest versions bootstrap, editor and file manager.

For fans of WordPress created a display option of the main menu on top and not the admin side. A toolbar at the front came with quick access to the content.

Information blocks were promoted to "just loadable files" to "almost full of widgets." Added template support to them (default and custom), as well as the ability to embed directly into CKEditor one button to fill if manifest.ini course. At the front frame appears around the button and go to edit them or their templates. The slightly distant plans - the possibility of visual settings like Bitrix.

Added such a thing as a context menu under the main menu and in the toolbar. It can display their links, each of the modules, depending on the action.

As well as a bunch of other little things, which can be found in the documentation.

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