SyDES 3 Beta 2


  • Added modules Profile, App Settings, Sites, Modules, Themes, Fields API
  • Added manifests for modules
  • Added HTML generator
  • Added fields generator
  • Added form generator
  • Added method file($name) to Request
  • Added support for child themes
  • Added psr-11 and autowiring to container
  • Added route shortcut for module settings and CRUD
  • Added services Auth and Mailer
  • Added application config with directory and files
  • Added password resetter


  • Removed services Cmf and User
  • Removed SampleModule
  • Removed developer passsword as unnecessary
  • Removed sidebars and form from admin view


  • Changed models namespace
  • Changed main namespace from App to Sydes
  • Fixed module installer
  • Fixed AdminMenu api
  • Fixed admin renderer and view
  • Fixed Exception handler

Repo on Github

Download web-installer

Install with composer

composer create-project --prefer-dist -sdev sydes/sydes
php sydes install --demo

Install sample module

composer require sydes/sample-name-module
php sydes install module sample-name

SyDES 3 Beta 1


  • Added Cmf::downloadLocale and Cmf::downloadTranslation for using in modules
  • Added assets folder for themes
  • Added confirmation for every deletion action
  • Added methods "write to console" and "eval external script" to ajax router
  • Added csrf-tokens to all ajax requests
  • Added context data to translation, now use "Hello, {nаme}" instead "Hello, %s" and sprintf()
  • Added execution of sub-commands in CLI


  • Object Config renamed to Settings and reworked for using any storages, like database or file
  • Refactored basic assets
  • Totally revamped cli for using with plugins
  • Reworked module installer, added more automatic actions
  • Fixed bug with duplicated ajax alerts
  • Fixed SplPriorityQueue::insert(). Now provides predictable heap order for datums added with the same priority
  • Changed method for adding routes for new fastRoute features
  • Fixed ajax responses for redirect and messages
  • Improved api admin menu, added drop-down subitems

Repo on Github

Download web-installer

Install with composer

composer create-project --prefer-dist -sdev sydes/sydes
php sydes install --demo

SyDES 3 Alpha 3


  • Added placeholders for box modules
  • Js function syd.modal() for making of modals by array of data
  • Added possibility of load content for modals by link
  • L10n library replaced simple translator
  • Added infrastructure api for future managers (themes, plugins, modules, tranlations)
  • Added functions p() for pluralisation and d() for localized date, like "1 Января"
  • Added "nowrap" parameter for iblock tokens, that deletes div-wrapper. Now iblocks may use in <head>
  • ДAdded method Request::cookie()
  • Added admin menu translation


  • Fixed event manager, event names standardized
  • Fixed toolbar view on admin and forever miss cache
  • For more clarity, method Document::addScript() extruded from Document::addJs()
  • For more clarity, method Document::addStyle() extruded from Document::addCss()
  • Fixed view of base exception handler


  • Js function syd.cookie() because js-cookie exists


To save weight, now cms will not be supplied with all the languages and translations. But during installation, you can specify your locale and sydes load it to the current system.

After official release I will make extension catalog and translation service.

Repo on Github

Download web-installer

Install with composer

composer create-project --prefer-dist -sdev sydes/sydes
php sydes install --demo

SyDES 3 Alpha 2


  • Added context menu for modules - toolbar now not useles thing
  • Added routes definition for modules
  • Added event listeners for modules
  • Added possibility work with themes
  • Added support of iblocks provided by theme
  • Added new module SampleName for test purposes (will be moved to separate repository later)
  • Added logger class instead of function
  • Added Form Method Spoofing for Request


  • Fixed web-installer
  • Improved Event manager
  • Improved Router
  • Improved view system
  • Fixed ajax-router
  • Remaned favicon.png to favicon.ico special for insight

Github repository

Dowload version for web installation

Install with composer

composer create-project --prefer-dist -sdev sydes/sydes
php sydes install --demo

Feel free to ask questions, look on code, submit issues

Branch 3.x goes to GitHub

After more than a year of searching of free time, the study of frameworks and rethinking the approach to the structure, algorithms and code, I'm proud to ready to announce that the project will live. The main changes, which adopted a policy, the improvement of tools for creating new modules and simplifying work of content managers.

Alpha version of the third branch is available here:

What is done:

  • The core or mini-framework with basic services, such as caching, templating, routing;
  • The minimal bunch of functions for module installation and work in the admin panel (used for the default modules);
  • CSRF-guard for requests;
  • Administrator authentication;
  • The installer for browser and console;
  • A piece of module for working with the themes;
  • Examples of theme and module, which does nothing (soon to go into separate repositories);

Now project is available for download only via the composer, because I'm not uploaded archive with vendor folder to release.

In the near future it will be completed new admin template and ways to interact with them from the modules, as well as a full translation of the base interface.

Start of the third branch

From today freezed the development of new modules and capabilities to branch 2.x and all forces will be thrown in the new branch. However found bugs are still corrected.

From what will be implemented:

  • Standardization and rethinking of everything
  • Single point of entry and the possibility for front and admin
  • Create a module DataSource, successor DataTable, will provide the api to manipulate data
  • Api for all modules
  • Complete language packs with the pluralization and date translations
  • Visual configuration of iblocks for ckeditor
  • Optimization and caching for all
  • Adding dependent to modules
  • Creating a module and translations manager to allow you to download from the repository (and himself repository)

Deadline: the new year

v2.6.1: Robots and warnings

Fixed sitemap address in robots.txt in multilingual site

Fixed warnings in templates section where manifest of theme is not found

In iblock pages changed the argument name show_pagination to no_skip as more logical

v2.6.0: Update libraries and minor improvements


  • In the admin area, while apply the modal forms, a page is always refreshes. Sometimes it is very hurt, and now each module decides whether to reload the page after applying;
  • Tools now removed from installation list;
  • Language packages are now loaded before __construct() of modules, so you can work with translations in it;
  • Updated to the latest versions jquery, jquery ui, bootstrap, CKEditor and his plugins

Module pages

  • Earlier in the meta tags of the page you can add only the title, keywords and description. Now, if the key of meta is starts on meta_ or en_meta_, it automatically goes into page header. Also added the ability to specify opengraph properties on the same principle, meta_og:title


  • Fixed support for multilingual sites. Now in the list displayed pages from all languages, not just the current one.

iblock dataTable

  • Added new argument: filter="type=2" allows filter by one field

How to make promos with formated date

Today I was lucky enough to do the promos for one of client sites, not just an image with the text, but with the need to specify the date of the event in label with a certain text. That's what I want to tell you about.


v2.5.1: Custom templates for dataTable and bugs


  • To the menu and the breadcrumbs added default templates
  • The result is now displayed in the variable $result

The sites module

  • Fixed a bug with the non recognition of domain of the new sites
  • List of domains for websites are now displayed as link

The DataTable-based modules

  • Added the ability to make custom templates for the elements and the edit form without having to edit the controller. Just create folder view in the module directiory and upload files index.php or form.php respectively, and receive data from the $result variable
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