Creating themes for SyDES

Lets take some HTML template for bootstrap and in a few steps make it compatible with cms. And look at the creation of template for iblocks.


v2.5.0: Bugs and template system


  • Iblock templates now can have names with underscore
  • Html entities like   do not turn into special characters in the iblock, templates and layouts editors
  • Layouts markup moved from php array to separate files in the folder layout
  • Added file manifest.ini, containing information on the theme, author and layouts

DataTable based module

  • Fixed an issue where after editing the template editor and changing the order of fields, data is stored in the adjacent field.


  • Fixed recognition of short routes, like /module/value -> /module/view/value, at the front.

v2.4.1: Translations and module DataTable


  • Fixed mistakes and added missing translations
  • Fixed bug with file paths when changing skins in admin
  • Now for iblocks is not necessary to create separate translation files. Just add them to front.php

Module DataTable

  • Changed the way to build an array with the parameters of the table
  • In the list of elements for fields with images added previews and for boolean fields digits are replaced by Yes and No
  • There's also added a button to create the element if the list is empty
  • From the base controller moved createTableByArray () in the module itself

v2.4.0: One touch upgrade

Added a tool to update the cms in a single click.

To reduce the update time patching system based on Githab diff files was chosen. Therefore, each update is safe and affects only those parts of the code, which has been changed. All your edits intact.

v2.3.2: Cleaning and errors

Iblock links

  • Removed error that falls in the absence of any pages

Module pages

  • Fixed local meta overriding

Module dashboard

  • Removed from the box. You can download and install separately here.

v2.3.1: Iblocks and toolbar

Iblock pages

  • changed how the search pages now automatically loads all of the pages of a certain type, or just children, depending on the availability of these.

Iblock form

  • Added stars to labels of required fields


  • Added the ability to automatically remove duplicates loadable styles and scripts
  • Added class with-toolbar in the body when the toolbar is used. Now you can change the position of the floating header or other elements
  • Fixed toolbar style. Chance of conflict with template styles reduced

v2.3.0: Redirects

Tool redirects

  • Added. Now you can redirect from any url to another without editing .htaccess.


  • Uncommented rules for page caching

Creating of modules based on DataTable

The aim of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to create a most basic module for data management, as well as display the result on the site.

We are going to develop a testimonials module, that allows you to add, edit, and delete testimonials. Since the creation of the base module DataTable, such has become very easy to implement.


v2.2.0: DataTables and bugs

DataTable or tables for data

  • Added to library the base class to create a simple module
  • Added new iblock datatable with one template


  • Fancybox now automatically picks up links with rel=lightbox[]
  • Explicitly specify the path for all cookies
  • Changed the position of page types dropdown in the toolbar

Import tool

  • Fixed errors with quotes escaping

Iblock menu

  • Do not throw an error on page 404

v2.1.3: Import, forms and modals

Import tool

  • Fixed quotes recognition
  • Fixed critical error of inserting data into a non-content table
  • Explicitly specify the end of lines to parse

Form constructor

  • Option to hide the form's title was moved from arguments to constructor
  • Added horizontal template
  • Fixed template for a modal window


  • Fixed style of modal windows for handhelds
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