v2.1.2: Bugs and Forms


  • Buttons for iblock editing is no longer fall for elements with large z-index.

Form constructor

  • Added the ability to clone the already existing form;
  • Added option to hide the form's title;
  • Processed flyout error in javascript when a date field is not used

Iblock pages

  • Fixed a bug in the layout

v2.1.1: minor changes

Files of models whose names begin with dot moved in special folder and renamed.

Added the ability to load model of sub-modules by code $this->load->model('module/submodule');

v2.1.0: First release in branch 2.x

Completely redesigned system, has changed the file structure and database. As with all releases of the first branch, compatibility with older has not, but thanks to the import tool, there is a chance to transfer data to the new site.

Starting with this release, there will be more stability, and to the emergence of the third branch is planned to maintain compatibility for modules and database.

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