index file + views (main template and toolbar for front).

It is safe to rename into something else, just need to fix this in the file config.php


It contains caches entire pages, serialized arrays and thumbnails of pictures. You can safely clean.


Folder to store all the data of your sites and logs.


Each folder with the name s[number] keeps a database, configuration, and list of a connected domains


Admin settings


All system files are there. When updates cms, mostly, only there will be changes.


Necessary for front and admin scripts and styles. Here are the skins and styles for admin.


Main application or core of cms.

The basic controller and model, from which all modules.


It stores all the default and custom iblocks.

more about information clocks


Language packs for modules, iblocks and a template.


Useful libraries

  • Admin - admin controller
  • Cache - simple cache on files
  • Config - class to work with configs
  • DataTable - base class for modules based on the data table
  • Front - front controller
  • H - class for html snippets. It is mainly used for creating forms, but also contains other components from Bootstrap
  • Loader - loader for models, views, and language packs
  • Meta - model for metadata. It is used in the pages module, but can also be used for other
  • Patcher - class for mass patching of files on the basis of diff
  • Registry - just Registry
  • Request - escaped GET, POST, COOKIE, FILES and SERVER arrays
  • Response - collector all data for the server response
  • User - class for the work with user


Default and custom modules




The main boot file. Loads libraries, configures avtoloader, handler errors and exceptions.


A set of useful functions

pre($array) - print_r wrapped in <pre>

t($text) - Returns translation of the text

arr2file($array, $filename) - format an array into string representation and stores it in a file

getip() - returns the visitor's IP

tDate($locale, $format [, $timestamp]) - similar to the date(), but the added argument containing language. Allows the use of Russian text months, days of the week and other

elog($string) - writes a string to a common log

render($filepath [, $array]) - a simple templating function. loads file, inserts data from a array and returns a variable

convertToAscii($str) - Converts a string to ascii

token($length) - It generates a random token specified length

pluralize($num, $str1, $str2, $str3) - The plural form of the Russian language. And other if they are similar

str_replace_once($search, $replace, $text) - like str_replace(), but replaces only the first occurrence


The folder for all themes


the default theme


Here uploads all the files and images


Folder for various libraries and frameworks, loaded by autoloader. Supports namespaces.


Settings for Apache. Contains both needed to work, and further optimized.


The main configuration file. It contains constant with absolute paths to the main folders


The main index file.

If you want to know something further - ask in the comments. The documentation will be complemented by your questions.
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