Used third-party scripts

File Manager CKFinder

Used a full-featured demo version 2.4.2. Upgrading to 3.x branch is not planned until the change in interface to the more familiar and beautiful.

The changes:

  • Config - specified rule for CheckAuthentication, changed the size of thumbnails, fixed path
  • File ckfinder/core/connector/php/php5/Utils/FileSystem.php - added the Cyrillic alphabet to the function convertToAscii

The visual editor CKEditor

Used version 4.5.3 compiled by Builder

Separately, following plugins have been added:

  • iblock - my plugin
  • pagecut - my plugin
  • bootstrapstyles - my plugin
  • codemirror - refuses to work if you install through builder

There were also changes in the configuration.

Porter stemmer for Russian language


DatePicker for Bootstrap


If you want to know something further - ask in the comments. The documentation will be complemented by your questions.
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