What is it?

SyDES – is yet another free and open source content management system, designed to creating small and medium-sized sites with static content. With it you can easy create a promo site, galleries, blogs, catalogs, or even a satellite network. And all this without a MySQL.

This cms is designed primarily for developers who love the simplicity and speed of creating a unique functionality for site. Default templates contain minimal markup and are therefore very easy to adapt for themselves.

Managers will appreciate the almost completely customizable admin panel and the things that are always at hand.

  • Multisite and multilingual out of the box
  • Database - SQLite
  • Yet small weight (408 kB engine + 3.55 mB visual editor and file manager)
  • Powerful templates and information blocks
  • Built-in CCK, without needs to adjusting
  • Ability to edit from the front
  • A single user, but double authorization
  • File manager CKFinder
  • The best web text editor for everyone: CKEditor
  • The interface is based on the Bootstrap
  • Really simple and easy to use admin panel
  • It is not limited in the types of materials
  • SEO friendly (urls, meta-tags, robots.txt, sitemap.xml)
  • Can be extended by modules and plugins
  • Hassle-free migration from dev to production
  • No need for special accelerators and hosting, works fast
  • No need for a console or composer, code understood by even a mammoth
  • Your competent opinion is important to the creator
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New modules and templates themselves do not write
Only through the community can gather thousands of plugins, like WordPress

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British scientists have found that a hungry programmer permits by 12.3% more errors

For sociable

So many good things have sunk into oblivion, due to the fact that one of them did not know...
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